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The saddest music in the world, en route to Israel?

One of my favorite singers in the whole world is a woman named Ana Moura.  Ana sings a very particular style of Portuguese folk music called Fado (fah-doo).  In my opinion, Fado is the saddest music in the world.  Many say that it’s the Portuguese version of the American blues, although I would argue that fado is far better.  In Fado music, there’s no buffer, no lilting rhythm or cool groove to ease the pain of the music.  You’ve just got to face it and feel it.  And as a dear friend of mine once deadpanned, “It’s good to feel something.”

The word fado means fate, and Fado lyrics delve deeply into the subject – the shadowy world of destiny, the things that life does to us, and how we survive.  Fado songs sing about the vast emptiness of the sea, the loneliness of the city, cigarette buts on the ground, and suicide.  It’s my kind of music.

When I heard that Ana is scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv come January, my initial impulse was to call her immediatly. “Annie, are you OK!?” or more directly, “Girl! Have you lost you’re mind!?”  Nowadays, someone deciding to do a show in Israel is cause for pause. I’m choosing to assume that Ana just doesn’t know exactly how bad the Israelis treat the Palestinians, so from one fadista (fado singer) to another:  Ana don’t go!  Come back to the light.  They don’t deserve you.

Listen to your ol’ mama:

The stories that we hear in the western world are purposefully misleading, encouraging unquestioned support of European colonizers who every day terrorize and humiliate Palestinian women, men and children.  Just a few weeks ago, while peacefully demonstrating in Nabi Saleh (village in the West Bank in Palestine) against the Israeli Occupation, Mustafa Tamimi was shot directly in his face with a tear gas canister and was killed.  (This canister most likely came from the USA, from a company called Combined Systems Inc located in Pennsylvania.  They also supplied the Egyptian regime this past year with the tear gas used against protesters in Tahrir Square.)

Palestinians have been calling since 2004 for artists like you to join them in boycotting the state of Israel.  Click here to read about the Cultural Boycott of Israel. We must not normalize  abnormality by providing entertainment for a society complicit in Apartheid. Do the right thing, Ana!

“Just as we said during apartheid that it was inappropriate for international artists to perform in South Africa in a society founded on discriminatory laws and racial exclusivity, so it would be wrong for Cape Town Opera to perform in Israel.” – Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign has also issued an open letter to Ana which you can read here.

And for those who have never heard Ana Moura, enjoy this clip.

If you are not Ana Moura, please follow the instructions below:

Please sign this petition:

Or leave a message for Ana on her site:

Or email any of the folks at her management company: vascosacramento@sonsemtransito​.com; inescristovao@sonsemtransito.c​om;​; asking her to cancel her show in apartheid Israel.


Excerpt from Zionism: A Political Critique by Tabitha Petran

Israel is generally viewed in Western countries as a small, innocent, struggling nation beset on all sides by hostile Arab neighbors; a place of refuge for the persecuted Jews of the world.  This myth has been purposefully nourished by the Zionist forces, which in fact created the State of Israel primarily through military occupation and the forced eviction of the masses of the indigenous Arab population.


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